Farmstay Oel Nature Retreat 115 Kms Lucknow

Oel Nature Retreat
is ‘An Outdoor Experience’, a  retreat miles away from the busy city life, an experience of  ‘Farm Living’ in the countryside pollution free atmosphere, nestled amidst orchards of mangoes and guavas, surrounded by green fields where the calm waters of a small lake take you into a serene environment. It is the confluence of serenity and divinity, the feeling of pleasure, of living in harmony with nature, where relaxation and meditation go hand in hand with entertainment and fun. It is the rejuvenation of one’s mind, body & soul with Yoga, ‘Dhyan’, Spiritual discourses with relaxation & ‘Meditation Through Music’ (MTM), a concept being introduced at   by Farmstay Oel Nature Retreat 115 Kms Lucknow Antardhwani’, a cultural society evolved in the promotion of Indian Classical Music.

Oel Nature Retreat 115 Kms Lucknow is a private property & personal farm of  the esteemed members of the Oel Royal family, Kr. PND Singh and Madhurima Singh and now an exclusive luxury Farm Stay.  Enhance your experience at the Retreat, which is available to one family / group only, at a time.

The famous ancient temple of Lord Shiva, commonly known as the ‘Frog Temple’ is half a kilometer away. It was built around 1770 – 1780 by Raja Bakhat Singh of Oel and is known for its unique features based on the ‘tantric yantra’. It is the only temple of its kind in India.