The famous ancient temple of Lord Shiva, commonly known as the ‘Frog Temple’ is half a kilometer away. It was built around 1770 – 1780 by Raja Bakhat Singh of Oel and is known for its unique features based on the ‘tantric yantra’. It is the only temple of its kind in India. The temple sits atop the back of a huge frog and its construction is based on levels of geometrical patterns signifying the ‘Yantra’. The architecture is a blend of Rajput & Muslim. The Oel family traces its origin to the Neemrana Chauhans – the direct descendents of the warrior king – Prithviraj Chauhan.

(Separate literature available on the Frog Temple & Oel dynasty.) 

Local Handicraft:

The village of Oel has been famous for the craftsmanship of making utensils of a mixture of alloys locally known as “Phool”. This local art, which had been flourishing here for centuries, is now dying and all efforts are on to keep it surviving. A variety of “Phool” items are available in the by-lanes of the village. Samples are also on display at OEL NATURE  RETREAT.

OEL NATURE RETREAT  is all about becoming one with nature, “an outdoor experience…………”  

Wildlife Trips to Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Dudhwa National Park, Kishanpur Sanctuary & Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary  can be arranged by ‘Terai Wildlife Safaris’  on request. (separate brochure available).